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Registration for Fall 2003

Scheduled for March 22, 2003 at the San Clemente Community Center on Del Mar.

Fee:    $ 80.00 per player

Registration will be from 12:00 to 6:00. Register to play at the folowing times:

Age determination shall be the players age as of July 31st of the year the season commences. Those who are four years and six months are eligible to participate.

Any player whose birth date falls on or between these dates should be placed in the designated Division.

Please remember that AYSO is an all volunteer organization
We look forward to your support!!

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 New Registrants: Proof of age MUST be presented for players new to Region 111. A player is considered new is he/she did not play in our region last year.
 Parent Participation: AYSO is a parent-participation organization. All families are expected to help in the operation of the region, and sign up for specific jobs at registration; such as coaching, officiating and serving in staff positions. If an inadequate number of parents volunteer for all jobs, registered players may be placed on a waiting list until volunteer positions are filled.
 Moving Up: Region 111 is adhering to AYSO National guidelines regarding players "moving up"or "playing up" above their age group. There will be no playing above a players age group. No exceptions can or will be made to this policy.

Da Pink, Fall 2002

AYSO, Region 111
647 Camino de los Mares
Suite 108, PMB #161
San Clemente, Ca. 92673
Fax:      (949) 369-5792

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